Meet Scarlet

The new definition of style and functionality


We enrich our products by combining smart technology, functionality, and form to provide simple yet powerful solutions.


We provide the best solutions for people like us. We love what we do and we care about you.


Cutting edge technology is nothing without the selection of durable, long-lasting components that can withstand our customers’ busy lifestyles.


Our products are not objects. They are works of art. We strive to create modern, timeless pieces that our customers are proud to own.


About Us

Scarlet Smart Fashion started as a single product, but with our passion involved in the project, a new brand evolved. Our commitment to innovation, quality, beauty, and people is what keeps us moving forward.


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The team

Scarlet Smart Fashion was established in Kingston, ON by a team of five entrepreneurs, coming together to build what is the new definition of style and functionality in fashion. Engineering, Film & Media, Business, and Graphic Design have collaborated to create the Scarlet World.

Meet The Team

The product

Our first product is a bag that optimizes style and functionality for the individual that takes their life on the go. We design with intention. Scarlet integrates technology to provide simplicity, adaptability and empowerment to the professionals of our world.

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